In Memory of Shipmates who have Crossed The Bar. In calm waters at last.

Thanks for your Comradeship and Service.
Name Rank/Rate Time on Tiger Crossed the Bar Remarks
Dennis (Doc) Porter ME 1 1959/61 2003 Founder of the Association
William Mitchell 2004
Tony Fields Lt. Cdr 2004
Dennis Rogers Lt. Cdr 2004
Robert Jones Stores 2005 Member
Colin Atkinson POREL 2006 Member
Don Rowles L/Writer 1959/61 2007 Our 1st Treasurer
Joe Hawksworth 2007
Harry Thompson ME 1 2007 Former Slops man
David Wright RP/Radar 1976/77 2008 Member
Bill Blackmore 2009 Member
Alan Bowden 2009 Member
Charlie Le Clere Writer 1959/61 2009 Ex Secretary
Ellis Mills Steward 1959/60 2009 Member
Stewart Glynn Seaman 1975/76 2009 Member
Trevor Laramy Seaman 1961/63 2010 Member
Dennis Muir LRO 1965/66 2011 Member
Roy Payne 1960/63 2013 Member
Michael Trump 1960/63 2013 Member
Max Kinley 1959/60 2013 Member
Brian Addison RM Chef 1961/63 2016 Member
Brian Joy EM 1 1959/60 2017 Ex Registrar, Webmaster,

Newsletter Editor

Alan Wilson LRO 1959/60 2017 Member
Robert Hollas RM Chef 1960/63 2017 Member
Eric Walford LRO 1959/60 2017 Member
John Wanless AB 1962/64 2018 Member
Harry Haughton AB 1961/63 2018 Member
Colin Plowright AB 1960/63 2019 Member
Peter Revill OA 1 1961/63 2020 Ex Treasurer & Webmaster
William Evans
Ron E Rossiter
Phil Cains
Sir Lindsay Bryson Admiral
Ken Chambers
Terry Nash
J.A. Templeton Rear Admiral
Ron Butler RM
William Swann
Clarence Winser
Timothy Wooldridge
Ernest Goudge
Laurence Cook
John Mcdonald
Paul William
John Macadam
Wayne Batten
Peter Jackson
Patrick Cleave
Michael Rooke
Michael Stacey Rear Admiral
Dolly (Bob) Dalton
Derek Brook
Fred (Dicky) Bird
David Erick Partridge
Martin (Dolly Doc) Dolton
William Wellstead
Brian Easton
Paul Eagle
Dave Garson
Geoff (Andy) Anderson
Denis (Slinger) Woods
C.W. Taylor
Anthony (Tug) Wilson
John (Fred) Jupp
Brian Green
Glen Robinson-Moltke
Stratfield-James Lt Cmdr
Robert J.H. Griffiths Lt Cmdr
Joe Jorden
Derek Ferdinands
Peter Desmond
David Desmond
George Harley
Eamon Kearney CPO RP 74/78 2019
Martin Lacey
Ivor Renolds
Clive William (Tug) Wilson


If any members know of any former Shipmates that have Crossed the Bar, or can help fill in the blank information above please let Bob know via [email protected] If members become aware of any former Shipmates who Cross the Bar please let one of the committee Contact Page  know so we can attempt to send a representative to the Funeral.

Tiger Lost Crew 1908

HMS Tiger Crew

is some of the HMS Tiger Crew prior to the collision that killed 35 of the whole crew during exercises when split in two by HMS Berwick.

As Former Tigers We Remember them.

Name Rank/Rate
William E Middleton Lt. Commanding Officer
Christopher J Dunaway Gunner
Earnest Alexander Kingham Steward 2nd Class
Thomas Worrall Stoker 1st Class
Frank Manning Stoker 1st Class
James French PO 1st Class
Oliver Goldsmith PO 2nd Class
Ralph Tweed Pickett Signalman
Fredric Belamy Carter AB
Edward John Pipe PO 2nd Class
Thomas King AB
Joseph Albert Helps AB
Fredric George Kinch AB
Ernest Matthews AB
Frank Holmes Chief Stoker
George Walter Chard Chief Stoker
Albert Edward Hayles PO Stoker
William Colley Stoker 1st Class
William Beeson Leading Stoker
John St Vincent Shaw Signalman
Joseph Lightfoot Stoker 2nd Class
George Fletcher Dearnly Stoker 1st Class
William Alfred Crawley Stoker 2nd Class
Harry Smith Stoker 1st Class
George Webb Stoker 1st Class
Joseph McGarth Stoker 1st Class
John Mitchell Stoker 1st Class
William Pritchett AB
Edwin Arthur Rich AB
James Hargreaves AB
George William Readings Stoker 1st Class
Frank Troke Stoker 1st Class
William Hailwood Stoker 1 st Class
George Secker Stoker 1st Class
William James Newman * PO 1st Class


Those indicated in Red were on loan draft to HMS Tiger from HMS Amethyst.

*Originally recovered alive but later crossed the Bar from his injuries.

A later enquiry exonerated anyone from blame for the incident HMS Tiger was running without lights and had lookouts in place, likewise on HMS Berwick. Berwick did all it could to minimise the impact but in poor visibility was too late to save the Tiger.

Tiger Lost Crew Battle of Dogger Bank

These are the names of Tigers who died during the Dogger Bank Battle in WW1

We Remember Them

Name Rank/Rating Service Number
William Barrel Admiralty Civilian canteen assistant
Thomas Bradshaw Stoker 1st Class K9494
George H Couch Stoker 1st Class K14281
Benjamin Hambrey Stoker 1st Class 230224
William A Manfield Stoker 1st Class K7847
Arthur Mathews AB 220447
Patrick O’Mahony Boy 1st Class 29248
John A Ough Stoker 2nd Class K22541
Thomas Rourke AB 234175
Charles G Taylor Engineer Captain NA


Lost crew Battle of Jutland 31/5/1916 – 01/6/1916.

Name Rank/ Rate Service No
Alfred Birchall Stoker 1st Class SS114808
Thomas Bradfield Stoker 1st Class K8786
James louis Brooking PO Stoker 286044
Percy Collins AB 180045
Charles J A Forbes Midshipman  
Patrick Higgins Stoker RNR 2453S
Alfred Langworthy Stoker 1st Class  
James Lewis Leading Stoker 297507
Bertie Edwin Little Cooks Mate 2nd Class M13126
John Mathieson AB RNVR Z5856
John McKeown Stoker 1st Class 301268
James Mitchell Chief Boatswain  
Francis John Newnham Gunner RMA (Royal marine Artillery) 13608
James Michael Nowlan Stoker RNR 2875S
George Richard Osbourne Stoker 1st Class K22553
Samuel Joseph Parker Electrician (Art) Artificer 4th Class M8401
Willian Gee Stoker 2nd Class K30366
Charles Parsons AB J11018
Albert Poole Stoker 1st Class K23607
Henry John Robins Stoker 1st Class 223659
Thomas William Treloar Stoker 1st Class 299019
Henry john Yeo Leading Seaman J4882
Owen Yore Stoker RNR 5441S
Those Listed Below left Tiger after the Battle but later Crossed The Bar from their injuries.

Walter Graham Stoker 1st Class K22555
James Quinn Leading Stoker K3927
William Smith Leading Seaman 213014
Thanks for your sacrifice- Rest in peace- We will Remember You