HMS Tiger Association Welfare

For a long time now the Two Mick’s, Mick Bagan & Mick Fryatt  have been using their contacts and skills to support Members, former Shipmates and their families to gain access to help and support during difficult times.

Not just limited to Tiger. In one instance helping the family of a former shipmate of Mick Fryatt off HMS Glamorgan. Contact was made via Mick Bagan through a chance meeting. Small world but in times of need, much appreciated.

We fully understand that “Jack” quietly gets on with his lot but may moan a little. PLEASE though if you find yourself in need of any help do not hesitate to contact one of the Two Micks and ask for assistance.

Likewise, if you hear of any former Shipmates or their families that need help PLEASE use our Welfare section.

Below please find links to some useful; organisations that help Ex-Service personnel. Also links for those who left the Grey Funnel Line and entered the Merchant Navy.

Take care we are here to help.

HMS Tiger Poppy day

The above is just a small selection of useful organisations. The Two Micks have many more so please contact them, in confidence, if you require any assistance. They are waiting to help.

There are many charities that exist to help Former Service Personnel and the good work they do on our behalf is priceless but still needs funding. If you can help any of the charities, then please follow the links above to make a donation.


Stay safe out there.